Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Vintage Bar Coasters Wall Art at StartStop on Etsy

Vintage Bar Coasters
32x9 Wall Art : British Barware Coasters are transformed at StartStop

Wow, what a great concept, StartStop on Etsy uses old bar coasters to make interesting abstract art for the wall. Not only are these little collections of art colorful but a great piece of vintage history.  It's amazing to see just how many vintage barware coasters survived, since most were made out of heavy paper or cardboard.

Vintage Barware Coasters
Our favorite are these rare 60's coasters mounted and would make a lovely addition to your wall!

StartStop is a new store on Etsy and ships from Canada. What a great way to recycle vintage items into useful decor.  We love these coasters (above) which feature 1960's British Champagne Bubbly girls name Mary, Kath, Vicki and Ann. They are adorable retro diva style.

Vintage Coasters on Etsy
Big or small, find something interesting to adorn your wall at StartStop on Etsy.

Find out more at StartStop. 

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