Tuesday, June 20, 2017

KariBeth Vintage Archival Home Decor Items

Etched Floral Decanter at Karibeth.com
Photo: Karibeth This etched floral decanter,  $30, would look great holding colored liquid (food coloring) for a statement piece in the home.

KariBeth is a jewelry designer from Nashville who uses upcycled and recycled parts in her work.  Her jewelry (such as compass necklaces and knife necklaces) has made a name for itself being sold direct in brick and mortar boutiques from New York to Tennessee and online sites as well. Her work has been featured in places such as Anthropologie and Roses and Rustics.   She also has a keen eye for good design relics for the home.

Karibeth.com offers curated Archival Vintage items
KariBeth's collection of vintage relics for the home are rare and astounding. 

 Her store online, Karibeth.com, contains a great page with vintage archival items.   These are curated items for your home and you will find things used for different purposes here. For instance, an etched decanter (above) could be filled with colored liquid, or the stopper removed to house fresh wildflowers.  The lovely metal double sided swan basket (below) can be used to hold an air plant or even house your remote controls for television and car keys.

Art Nouveau Metal Swan Basket Metal Swan Basket at Karibeth.com
Photo: Karibeth.com  This swan looks so art nouveau and would look great holding remotes, keys, or an air plant.

Brass Peacock with Rhinestone Eyes karibeth.com
Unusual Decor: Brass Peacock with Rhinestone Eyes karibeth.com

See more of KariBeth's designs for the home here: https://karibeth.com/collections/vintage-archival-1

Please be sure to check out her jewelry as well!

Editor Pick: This Knife Necklace

Knife Necklace by Karibeth
KariBeth necklace includes a 2.5" vintage penknife found in travels.

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