Friday, June 23, 2017

Vintage Glove Molds at RetroChalet

Vintage Porcelain Glove Mold from RetroChalet
Vintage Porcelain Glove Mold from RetroChalet $32 on Etsy

My how we love the vintage glove molds. People squawk at the idea of having a hand in their home, but little do they know it is a fad that grows on you quite quickly. Having an old industrial mold may appear creepy at first, but after time, you get used to it and desire more and more laying around the home.

vintage porcelain Glove Mold at retrochalet on Etsy
Glove Mold at retrochalet on Etsy

They seem to blend with any decor and look quite lovely. Most were used in making vinyl and latex gloves for years in the factory. To be honest, many were made in the USA by a company named General Porcelain in Trenton. The company had ties back to the early 1900's and would make everything from porcelain tubs, insulators, and sinks.  The close of General Porcelain was an indication of American industrialism gone bad.  RetroChalet has found containers of glove molds that were headed to destruction from an old glove factory.
Porcelain Glove Molds
Photo: RetroChalet.  These were by Hall China Company, also made in USA

Owner Cindy Fahnestock-Schafer indicates, "They were mounted onto an assembly line and the assembly line was metal. They would crank around and dip into a vat of molten rubber, thereby drying as they came out, making gloves.  I assume each glove was then peeled off the mold and packaged. What a really long time to get to a box of 100".  

Schafer explains most of hers were made circa 1950's to 1980's and were made in the USA.  She sells them in her Etsy shop RetroChalet.

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