Sunday, March 20, 2011

Time for Stylish Recycled Clocks on Etsy

Here's a gift idea that won't tick you off! Recycled soda caps "Clockpop" $25, Reaction Gifts.

I am always surprised with the talents of those artists on Etsy, and some creations I would never have imagined were possible.  Kudos for these sellers who have taken old items that would otherwise end up tossed out or in a landfill and upcycled them into something grand, stylish, and functional.  What's more, if you are shopping for male or female, look no further, these are unisex gift ideas. 

Military Canteen Time , $32 by IMOTIME. This seller makes clocks out of everything :)
See what I mean?  Time to Grate, $32, from IMOTIME!  purses, boots, you name it!

Nintendo Games Can be Preserved Forever on the Wall , $22, CAE CLOCKS.

These HubCap Clocks range from 1930's Ford $55.99 to 1965 Corvette $89.99 by StarlingInk
Did I mention  (StarlingInk) also has hood ornament wall clocks?
KaileyHawthorn enjoys turning a record into a work of art, $45, handpainted record clock.
EyePopArt also uses records, even though the style makes them appear 3D, this one $55.
RetroBabs loves using old vintage plates for clocks, to match the sets you collect, this one $25.
Here's a new one.... "RLBECC" aka Rather Large Blue Enamel Cup Clock $28.50 by WoodstockClocks. 

My pal TimothyAdamDesigns makes mod metal art clocks! This one, $39.50.

Recycled Bike Brake Disc Clock, from PixelThis, $43
I should mention they also carry bike wheel clocks, $117 at PixelThis.
So there you have it.  Clocks made from just about everything. There's plenty more adorning the walls of Etsy if you look hard enough. You will see book clocks, pink flamingo (yard decorations) upcycled into clocks, purses and bags made into clocks, circuit board clocks and even some CD clocks. 

I always thought when you wrote an article you shouldn't say what your personal favorite is, so as not to upset everyone else. I do believe there's enough cool clocks here to adorn many people's tastes, so I have no problem sharing the one I love (not listed above): 

Girls Only: Boot Clock from IMOTIME, $45.


  1. Ooooooo, so many fantastic clocks. I have never seen some of them before. People have such great imaginations. I have to admit I do like the clock in the boot, good choice.
    Thanks for the feature of our clock/plate, that one was a good mid-century modern find!

  2. I love this post. Saw it on handmadeology too!

  3. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.