Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vintage Baby Doll Heads and Parts are Making a Comeback

Print by LookingAtClouds on Etsy.
I love the style of old Baby Dolls and Baby Doll Heads.  There was a day and time where the old cracked up baby doll heads were bypassed, overlooked, or underated. I'm happy to say this cracked-up momento of yesteryear has made it's way into Good Design history.  Framable photographs of old baby doll heads are the rage. 

Love this print by Frankenkitty on Etsy of Brooklyn, NY.

Mixed Media sculpture sold by Ira Mency on Etsy.
Retro Chalet shows the beauty of sitting doll heads around.
Artists are using doll heads in their artwork.  The more unloved the better.  Composition heads falling apart, no problem. Mixed media and assemblage artists couldn't have asked for better distressed items.  Jewelry artists don't mind using doll parts, either.

Necklace by KayAdams , Virginia Jewelry Artist on Etsy.

As vindictive as it may seem, oen cannot surpass the gore factor. I've often seen haunted houses decorated with old cracked up baby doll heads. As crazy as it sounds, death metal bands such as Baltimore's own Bag of Babies have been known to use old baby doll heads in their marketing, in scary ways. Perhaps the shock factor alone helps them sell CD's,who knows.
Gore and More at Bag of Babies:  Just add ketchup. The rest not healthy for public viewing.

Whatever the case, I'm glad to see these items aren't ending up in landfills. Here's a few more great baby doll head items found on Etsy for your viewing pleasure!

'I'll never tell' by itsmemary

Sorry if this offends anyone. I was going for something creepy and I think I achieved just that!

a pair of vintage Doll Heads...
Creepy Baby Doll Zombie Hor...
5 Damaged Antique German Bis...
Aberrant Ann the Audacious A...
Baby Doll Head composition o...
Vintage Baby Doll
Photograph vintage doll head...
Young Child Paperclay Doll H...
Baby Doll Head, Porcelain Ba...
50% oFF Very Large 28 inch 5...
Big Baby Vintage Doll Head S...
A pile of weathered doll hea...
Small Porcelain Doll Heads 2...
Vintage Doll Faces - Plastic...
Black & White Porcelain Doll...
Translucent Porcelain Baby-d...

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  1. WOOT! GREAT COLLECTION of heads! bwahahahaha. I love all of them. Nothing offensive there, just pure fun! xo, going to post to my facebook page.

  2. What is the doll in the first picture?


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