Thursday, April 26, 2012

Get Vintage with Vibio Curate Your Life

Hello, what's this?  VIBIO: A new way of collecting, curating, selling, trading, and buying vintage? Oh yes it is!   I had to check it out, so I registered for an account on Vibio. (It is FREE!)  Now I will explain exactly what it is. (Move over Pinterest. I'm hooked. )

I registered for a free account on Vibio right though my Facebook. It's free and easy to share your wants and desires. Oh how we all have them.

In a nutshell, Vibio allows you to create and share collections of things you want and have. You can adjust your privacy settings so only you or your contacts can view your stuff, it's up to you. 

Unofficially: I think the easiest way to explain it is unofficially is a Etsy Style Treasury Alternative to Craigslist for Pinterest type people who like to show their wants and haves. FINALLY!  The best of everything!  Now what on earth am I talking about? 
Vibio picture
I set up my Vibio Bio, and then went to the demographics tab to put my location (All optional).

It's a place to share your Wants and Haves by uploading pictures of your "stuff".  This can be anything not just antiques and vintage but that's what I'm using it for since Vintage rules.   Why would you want to do this? First off, you can keep tabs on what your friends and family think are hip and cool. A great way to get Aunt Linda something for her birthday.  You can see what trends are developing. Be nosey if you will. But also flaunt your own products. Notice my cool glove molds right here: 

I added my porcelain glove molds for sale (for no fee on Vibio.) Negotiations are between the buyer and I.

Curate: Trade, Sell, Buy on Vibio

This is a free site for curating which makes it a free marketplace for trading, buying, or selling items too. You can make offers on items that you want that other have. In other words, they have it, you want it, so make an offer! 

Buy/Trade/Purchase Local 

You can also shop locally by the demographics which eliminates the cost for ungodly shipping (bye bye big postal service guy who keeps dropping my stuff!)  It's sort of an old school way of selling and trading (locally never got easier, goodbye scary Craigslist people, hello cool Vibio users)!

Buy/Trade/Sell Worldwide

You don't have to just sell local, you can sell anywhere you want. It's up to you. Either way you add your "have" and people will add your "have" to their "want" and therefore these are potential buyers. They can then make offers to you for your wares.

Vibio is a great alternative for going thru these big conglomerates like Ebay anymore. If you decide to do any type of selling, that's between you and the buyer to work out the payment details and Vibio is not really involved.  You can read more about it in their Vibio faq HERE! 

My Want List....
The best part of Vibio is you can store your wants and needs right here on their system and organize them.  As you can see I just must have these clocks someday.....

So in a nutshell Vibio:

  • Is Totally Free
  • Is Hip and Cool
  • Allows you to Search for items (search bar at the top right) 
  • Allows You to Keep 'Wants' and 'Haves' (buttons to add items)
  • Allows You To Share (to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest) 
  • Allows You to See what your friends have in their Collections 
  • Allows You to Admire their style or make offers to purchase

WTH are you waiting for?  Connect with Vibio:

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  1. Vibio looks simply amazing! I will definitely check it out in more detail. I currently have a couple of stalls at antique fairs and I'm looking at how to get "onto the web" easily. Thanks for your post - super cool!

    Mimi | Antique and Vintage Jewellery UK


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