Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Antique Vintage Perfume Bottles 1940s 1950s

Vintage Glass Perfume Bottles
These vintage perfume bottles, with glass stoppers are now available for sale at the NewOldGlassCompany.

I just can't believe this. This is a must have for vintage perfume bottle collectors. It is truly amazing these lovely items have survived -- an entire collection of  New Old Stock of Antique Perfume Bottles from the 1940's & 50's.  To be exact, these bottles are over 58 years old and "new" as in  never filled perfume bottles from Evyan New York, made in USA over 50 years ago!

Evyan Vintage Perfume
Vintage Evyan Perfume Ad courtesy of New Old Glass Company
I am always amazed at how things can resurface like this. Found by their owner, whose family had a perfumery in New York-New Jersey area, these bottles were acquired untouched, in the original boxes. The good news, is they are now available for sale to the public!  Many people may not have believed this and thought they were reproductions but here is proof positive, just look at the old boxes!

Vintage Perfume Bottles
You can read the history on this bottle here.
In case you are unfamiliar with Evyan perfumes, some of their vintage bottles and brands according to Cleopatra's Boudoir included:

The perfumes of Evyan:
  • 1943 Menace
  • 1943 White Shoulders
  • 1945 Bright Stars
  • 1945 Gay Diversion
  • 1945 Stolen Heaven
  • 1945 Torrent
  • 1945 White Shadows
  • 1946 Moonlight Menace
  • 1946 White Shoulders Splash
  • 1946 Splash
  • 1947 Most Precious
  • 1949 Tiny Waist
  • 1950 Golden Shadows
  • 1950 Treasure Trove
  • 1950 Surf Club
  • 1955 Beach & Travel
  • 1956 Golden Hearts
  • 1957 Great Lady
  • 1957 W. S.
  • 1957 M.P.
  • 1958 My Pet
  • 1959 Satin Glide
Glass Perfume Bottle
These glass perfume bottles are vintage and never used. They would be great to have your homemade fragrance in.
These bottles are perfect for your collection, display, or to fill with your own fragrances.  They do ship internationally and you can see what they have in stock here as far as vintage glass perfume bottles go. Don't be surprised if you find vintage powder compacts, too!

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  1. That is amazing how such antique bottles could exist in such a long time period.