Thursday, August 9, 2012

Krrb for Vintage, Secondhand and Handmade Grassroots Shopping

Vintage Metal folding Ruler on KRRB
This folding metal ruler is $15 listed on Krrb (pinned from Etsy and Apt Therapy Classifieds) see it here.
Buying Vintage and Secondhand on Krrb

Move over Craigslist, and hello Etsy lovers---this is for you. I am not sure if you've heard of, a hyperlocal grassroots type classifieds for the entire world!  Krrb is primarily for vintage, secondhand, handmade and small batch food producers, however you can offer just about anything as long as it is not mass produced.

If you haven't heard of Krrb yet, don't worry, you will. Currently they are super popular in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Paris France. However they are available in over 800 cities in the world.
Krrb is friendly, welcoming, and promotes goodwill and recycling-I think they are eco friendly if you ask me.

You can add a location and see what's for sale. So let's say you work in Pennsylvania (like I do), you can search that area (by zip, city, state, etc.) and then also have a home search too.  Just today I checked out some items close to my home, (Baltimore) here's a brief look of what I got:

Vintage on Krrb
Krrb is up and coming to a city and town near you. Don't see listings in your area? Be the first to put them on!

As you know I'm dying with all this cool retro antiques and mid century modern items. The prices are fab and it's easy to shop local and support your neighbor!   Now when I say you can't have mass produced as with anything, there is a loophole, let's say you have something that was mass produced but is used. This technically may fall under second hand, but the idea is not to have the site swamped with Made-In-China dollar store junk. So there is a great feel to this site and I love it.

I am finding the coolest stuff on Krrb. I so love this pink bike but items like this don't last long.

Selling on Krrb -  Good Exposure and How To Join for Free: 

You can learn more at Krrb - How it Works .  Bottom line, this site is gonna rock.  The folks over at Krrb just launched the classifieds for Apartment Therapy powered by Krrb. Since I just love Apartment Therapy this is great news for buyers and sellers.  I know that Krrb is definitely a site dedicated to people who are serious about home and furniture.

Signing up is easy, and free I just linked in my Facebook account. Heck, I figure if I sell something why not have it connected up to my Facebook for all my friends and family to see?   You can also link your twitter for maximum exposure.  Now you can just log in the regular way, but I wanted to earn some credits.

Selling is easy, the transactions are between you and your buyer, Krrb doesn't take any credit. However, there are credits used for listing an item to their classifieds. The easiest way to think of this is one credit = one listing. You earn credits for updating your profile, adding a photo, or for some other activity done on the site.  If you run out of credits you can buy them, but you may not have to if you earn them.  I just linked in my Facebook and I have 13 credits already, so I'm off to list some of my junk. Just remember, my trash is someone else's treasure.

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