Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mother's Day Christmas Greeting Cards ECards

mothers day card vintage
Retro mother's day card  like this one are getting hard to find. Credit: KidsAtHeartDesigns.

Modern Ideas for Vintage Mother's Day Cards

Many people seek out one of a kind vintage cards for Mother's Day, Christmas, or Birthdays. Shopping around for these cards can be quite tiring, and overall stock from retro times is dwindling.  Often used, torn, paper damaged, or yellowed it's becoming harder and harder to find old cards in good shape for gift giving. Sadly once you give them where do they end up? 

Now you could make your own greeting cards, but why do all that work and waste paper when there is an Eco Friendly idea that implements vintage styling?

ojolie ecards
Lovely retro chic styling in animated ecards.  If you want to see this little bird fly, go to


I'm talking about , who offers beautiful, animated ecards with tasteful music for birthday, Christmas and other occasions and holidays. Their mother day ecards  are simply gorgeous and the site is easy to navigate and use.  A shot above does not do the site justice, as the cards are animated, where the birds will fly around and make the day of your loved one.

Check them out you won't be sorry! I have been playing around there all day!

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  1. Such a very nice mother's day greetings! With heartfelt mothers day messages, our moms special day would surely be best enough. Happy Mother's Day to all wonder moms out there!