Sunday, April 28, 2013

Vintage Glassware Ceramics and China TheBlueAlpaca on Etsy

Amethyst Glass Bowl at The Blue Alpaca on Etsy
Amethyst Glass Bowl , $36 at The Blue Alpaca on Etsy
Stacy Tabb is the shop owner behind the cool Etsy vintage shop, TheBlueAlpaca.  From Massachusetts, Stacy finds treasure in the way shape or form of vintage glassware, colorful ceramics or china.  She has an eye for the colorful, and the unusual.

Swiss Chalet Marcrest China thebluealpaca on etsy
Vintage glassware and ceramics, such as this china dish by Marcrest are just some of the things you'll find in this shop.

mccoy pottery vase
McCoy Pottery Vase is just one of the treasures at The Blue Alpaca $19

Prices are affordable--and even with shipping you can find a good bargain. If you are into glassware or old ceramics, you should bookmark this shop.

hull planter vintage ceramics ony 9.50
Hull planter is only $9.50 and very lovely at TheBlueAlpaca

You should check this shop out at TheBlueAlpaca on Etsy.  You can even read more about  her finds ---she keeps track of her treasure hunting adventures her blog The-Blue-Alpaca.

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