Saturday, May 4, 2013

Roseville McCoy Pottery Expert Estate Sales

Roseville Jardiniere Peony Eestates Etsy
Roseville Peony Jardiniere by Expert Estate Sales on Etsy  $98.00  (EEstates)
Etsy shop "Expert Estate Sales" also known as EEstates on Etsy is a family run business. Represented by  Lisa Kroese who loves to scour the West Coast for unique antiques. She says, "I love to find new homes for vintage, handmade and antiques." 

Expert Estate Sales on Etsy vintage Roseville Vase
1940's Rosville Pottery Vase at EEstates on Etsy

Here finds are upscale and rare. Although stock will change and be updated regularly, currently this is a large source for Roseville antique pottery and vintage items that you don't often see Lisa has sold to clients such as the Estate of Gianni Versace, and the Lowe Art Museum.

EEstates Modernist Roseville Vase Capri
Stunning Art Deco Vase, as is $73 at EEstates

Although I'm currently in awe of her Roseville selection, Lisa provides a variety of stock due to her attending large -- from geeky enginnering things to kitchenware, you may not know what will show up.  A rare doll below, comes with the pominence from when it was originally shipped to it's owner in 1920. 

EEstates Victorian Doll 1920
Rare doll , with prominence at EEstates dates back to 1920

Lisa  is publisher of The Expert Estates Daily  which offers antiques, art, and auction news. This is a shop to bookmark:

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    Glad to have happened upon your page....:)

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