Thursday, April 11, 2013

Vintage Handbags Purses Satchel and Paige Wallets Fashion on Etsy

cool vintage purse etsy
Photo: Satchel and Paige on Etsy, Cool Purple Suede Purse

If you are trying to find a great vintage handbag, purse or pocketbook, look no further. I found this great newer shop on Etsy Satchel and Paige, and I'm sure you will agree it's worth a look-see.This is "the source" for vintage handbags. Lots of 70's to 80's and before. You will find the rare and unique, check this out, this is my favorite: 

Vintage handbags on etsy satchelandpaige

Photo: Vintage Camera Case Makes for Adorable Purse Credit: Satchel and Paige on Etsy

Right now, Paige has a great selection of pre-owed bags, that are affordably priced with good descriptions and great low prices.  I don't know about you, but I'm really picky when buying a handbag, because it has to fit my every need, so I really appreciate the fact she gives so much detail.

Betty Draper Crocodile Purse Satchel and Paige Etsy shop
This Betty Draper style purse is all it's "Crocked Up" to be!  At Satchel and Paige on Etsy.

The shop indicates that Paige is the owner from Scottsdale, Arizona. She says, "My passion for Vintage bags happened when I dragged my Grandmother's handbags out of the closet when I was about hasn't stopped since."

This is a shop to bookmark and watch!  You can connect with Satchel and Paige in the following ways:

On Etsy
On Facebook 

The shop owner would love to hear what you like in vintage handbags!

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