Saturday, November 9, 2013

French Vintage Enamelware at CrolAndCo on Etsy

Enamelware Canisters

French Enamelware Canisters - Blue and White $165 from CrolandCo on Etsy

Vanessa runs the Etsy shop CrolAndCo on Etsy. It's a wonderful vintage shop!  Vanessa says she is a  "ThingFinder." We couldn't agree more! She is well traveled, grew up in Brussels, lived for awhile in Paris and now has settled in London.  She has an eye for the unique, eclectic and we like that.

Etsy CrolandCo Vintage Enamalware
This is $62 with s/h to US at 24.50, , total investment of $86 makes it a unique find !.
In her shop we've found a ton of great vintage enamelware that you just don't see everyday.  She has most likely found it in her travels, and shipping to the US is not that expensive considering these are rare examples you don't find here in the States.  One could simply indulge in adding wonderful and unique additions to their kitchen enamelware collection.

French Enamelware Bread Box  from Etsy shop
This is simply so wonderful. You could keep your bread and all kinds of crackers in this , $115!

My favorite has to be the giant bread box above. It's evidence of former life makes it all the more shabby and one could stick bread, crackers and bagels in here!

CRolandCo on Etsy French Ladle
You can have one of these for $18

It's not just kitchenware and housewares, she has a wonderful selection of vintage backpacks, purses and bags.  There's a large selection of vintage toys and decor items. The shop is a must see for all antique or collectible lovers. 

French Trivet Enamelware
French Enamelware Trivet was an old Pot Stand, $36 and simply divine!

Here are the ways to find her and keep up with Vanessa's finds:

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