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Vintage Lace : Jewelry Bridal Fashion Needlework Sappho By Kim Smiley

Vintage Lace Earrings
Vintage Lace an gemstones hand sewn adorns these designer earrings by Kim Smiley, on Etsy.
If I didn't know better, I'd think all of these creations were vintage from the medieval days. They are so finely handcrafted they remind me of the intricate silver and gold once fashioned for Knights, Queens and Kings of ancient times. The jewelry that adorned their weddings.  Similar designs in Tibetan jewelry, Celtic wire wrapping and some fancy Paris' couture jewelry.  These stunning creations are from the hands of Canadian Artist Kim Smiley, owner ofI had a chance to catch up with her and ask her some questions!

Q:  What inspires your creations to be so intricate yet appear so vintage styled?

A: I've always been attracted to vintage photographs, books, letters and lace. I think it's because I love history, and vintage objects always have a story, a legacy. I like that the legacy is untold so I can fill in the blanks with my imagination. When I create a painting or a piece of jewelry with a vintage object, I like to contemplate who owned it and imagine if they cherished it. Vintage objects are often so heavy with memories; reusing them in works of art makes the art more meaningful. 

Lace Breast Plate Necklace Etsy
Gorgeous Breast Plate is so intricate, it would look great for a Renaissance wedding or a Lord of the Rings style wedding for the Elvin Princess, stones include lavender quartz, chalcedony, moonstone, aquamarine, tourmaline, rose quartz!  Stunning, but in actually, it's for every day people like you or I!

Intricate Necklace on Etsy SapphoByKimSmiley
Anyone can wear this gorgeous jewelry, and it seriously creates a unique look.

Q:  How did you come up with this concept?  I've not seen jewelry like this before!

A:  My jewelry line naturally evolved from a series of paintings I created using archival portraits of children from the 1950s. I integrated antique lace into the paintings to compliment the whimsical nature of the children in the photographs. One day, I had this urge to put the painting on - to wear them - they were so feminine. Instead, I started to experiment with vintage lace as jewelry, sewing into bracelets, necklaces and rings with metallic thread and gems.

Vintage Lace Sewn Cuff on Etsy
The Silver Lace Cuff is hand sewn and adorned with Jewels. .

 Q: The items are so lovely, and multifunctional. Yet you can wear them with every day clothing which means they can dress YOU up or dress YOU down. This is stunning. Why are there some poems hidden within your Etsy shop listings? 

  A:   Sappho as a platform to promote poetry. Every piece in my collection is named after a poet, famous or emerging. When you purchase a piece of jewelry - we call them wearable works of art - you receive a poem as a bonus.

Vintage Lace Styled Cuffs Dress You Up or Down etsy shop SapphobyKimSmiley
SapphoByKimSmiley on Etsy allows you to decide if you want to dress up, or wear them down.
Q: I see you are growing your brand online in various ways, not just Etsy.  This must take so much time. Who helps you in your creative process? 

A: My company creates employment opportunities for women who live below the poverty line.  I'm teaching them how to sew the pieces and then pay them a Living Wage to help me stock up on my designs. I oversee everything and continue making new designs.  

Kim's designs are upscale and trendy. I hope she will go far!
You can visit Kim's unique creations:
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