Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Photo Frame Originals on Etsy Personalized Photo Frames

Custom Baby Picture Frame
Found: PhotoFrameOriginals

Picture frames, I love using vintage or upcycled frames in my home, but sometimes I feel strange giving them as gifts. Not everyone may appreciate my style of decor.  So, I found a great shop on Etsy, PhotoFrameOriginals who has the best frames set up for the perfect gift idea.  The "I Love to to the Moon and Back" frame is $89. You pick the color of the frame. It's retro-style and would be great for a baby gift to your niece or nephew...something to hand in your child's room....or even to give to your loved one with a special picture of the two of you.

 Adorable Idea  : PhotoFrameOriginals on Etsy

The best thing is the idea of giving something nostalgic to the Father or Mother of the Groom or Father or Mother of the Bride!   They have a lot of double matted professional frames that specialize in this. I think this is a great touch as many people don't remember how emotional of a time this is for the parents of the bride or groom to see their baby all grown up and run off with the new love of their life.....What a great idea to capsulate the moment in time.  The one above is $89 and all are created in a new nostalgic way that even someone with a vintage home can blend them in. 

The owner makes everything herself, they are high quality double matting, and of course, you should support the small business!

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