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The Vintage Wedding Checklist Part Two

Glitter Death Boutique Pillbox Hat $22 from Etsy 

If you've read the Vintage Wedding Checklist Part One, you are already one third there to planning the best vintage wedding. In Part one we discussed how to pick the best antique engagement ring, how to do your proposal in a vintage setting and tips on find the best vintage wedding dress.

Here you will find part two of the checklist.

Dance Girl Clotching on Etsy
 You can find costume people to make costumes for your flower girl (Dance Girl Clothing on Etsy)

Now, we're going to go over: 

  • Costumes and or era clothing for the wedding party.
  • Venue with an "Old Feel"
  • Retro invitations.
  • Catering that's Delicious on vintage china!


Finding a dress is not always the final step,  but working it into the theme of your party. For instance, let's say you picked a vintage 1970's dress, then your wedding party, servers, and musicians may want to share in the 1970's theme.  You should carefully plot and plan just what you will need and when.

Historic Shady Lane Wedding Venue
Historic Shady Lane (York/Manchester County Pennsylvania)  Pic: Facebook


Historic venues with old buildings are perfect for a vintage wedding. So many people are renting farms now, or historic properties.  Take for instance Historic Shady Lane in Manchester, PA the land has many historic buildings perfect for wedding photos and the best vintage feel.  Not to mention it's perfect for a wedding party and reception party.

When selecting a venue find out how many patrons it can accomodate, if there's a place to change (if having a reception and wedding at same venue. Many venues will have catering connections or photography connections!

Bridal Invites from OfThingsPretty on Etsy
 OfThingsPretty on Etsy has bridal invitations and more great retro style cards!


It goes without saying vintage invitations have to work into your theme! Perhaps find invitations for bridal showers, wedding receptions and actual wedding that look retro are needed. In them you can describe your "retro vintage wedding party."

Etsy Fancifultableware mismatched vintage china

This set of mismatched china is $50.50 on Etsy at Fanciful Tableware.


Mismatched China

A fun new trend is mis-matching old vintage china for wedding parties.  If you are on a budget, this hip trend makes it easy for all your family and friends to donate pieces of mismatched china for the need, or find sets in thrift stores or on Etsy.  Caterers can also bring in vintage style china to accent your table.

Big Fat Daddys

Backyard BBQ wedding parties are getting more popular says Big Fat Daddy's owner Wayne Schafer. 

Paper Plate BBQ Throwdown

If you don't want to go crazy with the china, maybe have a backyard barbecue and break out regular paper plates! This kind of informal catering is getting more popular says Wayne Schafer , Pitmaster of Big Fat Daddy's. 

 "We have a lot of folks who invite us out to their farm and have a big party after the wedding. Traditional caterers often offer smaller portions, but not us, we have the all you can eat BBQ and sometimes that's more budget friendly for your friends and family."

Schafer says they do change first so as not to get the barbecue sauce all over their vintage outfits.  Most popular he says are "old farm settings."  He says, "Mostly this is paper plated, which is more cost effective for them. "

Pink Polka Dot Paper Plates on Etsy
 Pretty in Pink Polka Dot Paper Plates on Etsy at LilPika
So now you are two thirds there planning your vintage and retro style wedding.

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