Monday, February 16, 2015

Vintage Orange Juice Pitchers and Glasses

LemonHeadpress on Etsy
Deal of the Century:  $14 gets you the pitcher and glasses at LemonHeadPress

Orange You Smart?

There used to be an old song on television when I was growing up as a kid. In fact, I found a Youtube Video circa 1982.  Instead of aren't you smart they did Orange you smart, which was catchy and a nice little play on words.  The parts I remember went like this :

 "Orange you smart, for drinking orange juice, for that clean and sunny sunny taste...orannnngeeeege you smart................"

Pitchers in the kitchen with glasses for breakfast didn't just happen in the 50's and 60's but into the 70's and 80's when I was a kid.  It was a big thing having a square breakfast before school. Up until that time mom's didn't always work and mine was home taking care of us making us eat our cereal and drink our juice. That was a lot of liquid let me tell you!  Now those days are long gone, most parents are both working.

orange juice pitcher on etsy
LookBackVintage on Etsy has this set for $18

Perhaps the best thing about collecting is these look great on the table . Prices above are considered low and very fair to account for shipping charges.   Orange juice memorabilia can brighten up any retro kitchen.  The vintage milk caps below, even took time to advertise orange juice.  

Juice Caps from Vintage Rescue Squad
A cute collectible, these milk caps, get all 40 pcs for $5 at VintageRescueSquad on Etsy

Caps could be fashioned into something fun for the kitchen or in craft projects.  I always thought putting a magnet on the back would make for very cute fridge magnets, or poking a hole and using them for adornments on a fruit basket given to a sick friend. Taking the kitchen decorating a step further, you could look for Florida merchandise. Associated with oranges, Florida was a great place to find kitschy novelties shaped like oranges.

orange slice coasters from etsy

These coasters are souvenirs of Florida, fromVeesVintage are only $6

Corny little oranges can adorn your whole kitchen and look cute in the process. Tons of salt and peppers are on the market for a few bucks.  Find retro orange aprons, tea towels and prints for the kitchen.

orange salt and peppers from etsy
Find these at Mabel Street Miscellany, for only $7

Orange Slice Trivet From Etsy
Orange Slice Trivet from Etsy Shop WolvesAhead  $12


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