Thursday, March 5, 2015

Vintage Glassware Mix It Up Yellow Bee Vintage

YellowBeeVintage Glassware on Etsy
Beautiful Purple Pedestal at Yellow Bee Vintage for $39 would look lovely on any table.
Glassware: Look at all the Pretty Colors

Staying with our previous post of Vintage Orange Juice Pitchers and Glasses, we thought we would highlight some great vintage glassware items we found on Etsy.

Green Uranium Glassware at Yellow Bee Vintage on Etsy

This green glassware is made of Uranium and is glowing gorgeous for $15 at YellowBeeVintage

Many people think collecting old glassware means you have to match everything completely together, but this is not so. Adding vintage glassware to compliment some of your current designs or antiques, even if they don't match perfectly is quite okay.
Fenton Beaded Vase on Etsy
Fenton Beaded Melon Vase $23 on Etsy here

These wonderful creations we found at YellowBeeVintage on Etsy. The prices are great and even with shipping and handling, the final cost keeps you coming back. So for those who turn up their nose at mix and match glassware, we only have one question, you wouldn't do it for china and ceramics would you?

Russel Wright China on Etsy
Gorgeous mix of Russel Wright ceramics at Yellow Bee Vintage . 
The shop is run by Nicci from Pheonix, Arizona.  Although this was a sponsored post to feature an item from Yellow Bee Vintage, we loved the shop so much we did the whole blog article about them.

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