Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Etsy Vintage Sellers Migrate to New Site AZCraze A-Z Craze

Antique Coin at AZCraze
Antique Coin 1837 from AZ Craze

There's a new website for vintage sellers make it easy for Etsy users to import their items. A-Z Craze is an online marketplace for those who make handmade crafts or have antique and vintage items to sell. It's much like Etsy or Artfire and allow different plans for sellers which may in turn prove to be more cost effective then the previous two marketplaces.

A-Z Craze

AZ Craze allows vintage or handmade sellers to choose from two different plans:

  • If you choose a flate rate $10 plan you get zero comissions. 
  • Or, you can list products for free and pay 5% commission. 

Antique Map on A-Z Craze
It's so simple it hurts.  Aside form that they have a few key features.

They have an integrated Etsy importer whcih allows you to auto import Etsy products into the A-ZCraze shop.  In other words, your items would be listed in both places at once!

They have an A-Z Craze for Facebook where you can list your products easily to your Facebook pages.

There's also something called " Tiny Shop " where you have products on sites, blogs, and much more.

There's also twitter feed capabilities.

Check them out at

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