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Candiland Art Vintage Art Decor Upcycled

Candiland Art Candiland Vintage on Etsy
Candiland Art Find it here!

Recycling and upcycling vintage is something I've been preaching and living for years. Now it seems I am not alone!  That's exactly what Candiland Candice does with her Candiland Art  Etsy shop from Conroe, Texas. Her art is made of 100% vintage components.  On top of that, she sells vintage., so what's not to love?  Let's delve into her Etsy shop a little further.

Re-Art Horse...@CandilandArt

This horse has been upcycled into functional decor for your home. Va-va-voom that's real gold you are looking at....using snippets of paper has transformed something old into something new and functional again. A great piece of artwork for your home.
Temple of the Scorpion Goddess Mixed Media Assemblage

Mixed Media Assemblage "Temple of the Scorpion Goddess" $60

Assemblages also adorn this shop. This sculpture above is made in an antique drawer, mixed with vintage components and would look great hanging on the wall. A conversation piece at that.  You can find wall art, gift ideas and even posters of the art to boot!

True vintage can be found here as well. The following items are rare and worthy of mention.

Vintage Sinclair Lubricant Bucket

Vintage Sinclair Lubricant Bucket $125

This Sinclair lubricant bucket is a rare fine, it's an early example of Sinclair Oil Company's claim to fame.  One of the oldest oil companies, it is family owned and been around over 100 years. Finding large buckets like this that aren't completely rusted out and with good graphics is hard. Note the small dinosaur logo on the front.

Samsung Vintage Phone

Galaxy Flashback! Seems like technology is moving so fast it's hard to think of rotary phones and Samsung in the same sentence. More often than not when we do remember rotaries it's normally "Ma and Pa Bell" as in Bell System phones, those big clunky models.   Samsung was also in the running and making handset phones all these years.  This is an early Samsung Rotary Phone, rare in the sense that black and red is highly desirable among vintage and phone collectors and also on a joint note that it's called Hi-Phone most likely for "high tech" ......  
What are these from CandilandArt? Click to see
What are these? Vintage Horse Combs! Find them here.

Rusty and Crusty collectibles are a stable in this shop. A true artist appreciates the beauty in the old, worn and forgotten. Whether you browse for vintage finds for your home, or to use the items and repurpose into something else, it's worth a look see.  The collection of curry combs above were to groom horses, sometimes with the shedding blades used to rid the horse of excess hair that had grown in the winter months. Most today are a mix of plastic.

Find out more at CandilandArt on Etsy.

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