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Romancing Vintage Books Soon to Be Extinct

Old Books: Why We Love Them Retro Chalet
Above:  Real Entries from a vintage diary.

The Glory of Vintage Books

Some of my favorite things when picking for antiques or decor treasures for my home, is carefully looking for forgotten paper items.  Even better, when this paper is in the form of an old book.  Some serious book collectors will examine the spines, the condition of the pages, and of course, if the book is a first print or not. They will also look at circulation. I'm about the romance of the item itself.

Vintage Diary RetroChalet
In My Collection:  Five Year Diary Circa 1930. They didn't leave much room to write!

Why We Love Them in Shabby Condition

The first reason is curiosity and love for a vintage item. The old diary above, has seen better days. With a spine missing and pages discolored, the previous owner wrote her one to three sentence updates in the 30's.  Maybe part of me feels a bit dramatic for saying the sheer curiosity of the item drew me to it. What was it like living in the 30's and what things did this person write about? Who was she? Is she now passed or still alive somewhere?  Suddenly I wanted to know.  I was stuck to the small diary much like someone stuck on a reality show.  The cover itself sucked me in with the adorable Victorian children and original shabby condition just makes it look more appropriate for my decor. A silk cord rope was put in the book by the previous owner to indicate just where she left off.   I fell right in love with the thing and it was under $10. I don't know what an item like this is worth, but perhaps to the right person it's worth whatever price they are willing to pay.  Note to self: shred my diary. 

Vintage Fairy Book
From my shelf:  This book just makes my heart skip a beat.

Ernest Endres wrote about many fairies and gnomes yet much is missing about the author. Could this be a pen name for the publisher Ernest Nister, a famous turn of the century book printer and book publisher?  The book above is a first print and falling apart, much love and stained, held together with masking tape. This I did spend about $50 for, only because I loved it so and it's rare and something that I won't part with.  For me this book is rare and adorable. Combine the two and it's love at first site.  But where do you find these in better shape? Only if they are digitized from a good version, but the fact of the matter is these prints show their stained and shabby age, and were lovingly created by the author. 

Vintage Gnomes Book Ernest Nister
Circa 1900 era the publisher may have been the author. I am not certain.

From decor and art standpoints, I like to display old books in my home. The ones on my fireplace mantle are for sale on Etsy.  I used the ones at the bottom of the page to create a free Etsy shop banner. I also use some of the old more common books that are falling apart, to decoupage old switch plate covers and in my collage art work.  I love old paper and old books.  Don't you?

Old Books For Purchase:

Vintage Blue Books Lot on Etsy
Vintage Blue Book Lot $18 in my Retro Chalet shop on Etsy here.

unbound books from A Literary Suprise etsy shop
ALiterarySurprise sells unbound books for interesting displays. Buy them here for $27.50 

from Etsy Green Attic Vintage lot of 3 1949 Books.
1949 Lot of three, only $20 from Green Attic Vintage on Etsy.

old books from Etsy from My Three Sons Vintage
Huge Lot of 1900s Old Books only $41 from MyThreeSonsVintage

vintage book lot from Etsy the painted trunk

The Painted Trunk offers a lot of 10 retro books, find them here.

Leave me a note and tell me what are your thoughts with old books.  Do you have a story of a book you loved so much?  My concerns are now, when we live in such a digital age, using cellphones for everything, I feel old books will old day be obselete.  Perhaps going green means using your iBooks and not your Library card......

Here's How to Get This Free Etsy Banner

Free Etsy Banner

I am putting this here just so you know it's my original work, from a stack of books in my home, edited with my photo editor program.  
©Cindy Fahnestock-Schafer



Now I'm giving YOU, the reader my permission to use it in your Etsy shop for the purpose of a shop banner or on your blog, etc.  This is free as long as you are not selling the banner (so technically for non commercial uses). I simply ask that you return the favor of kindness by sharing my blog on twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook, etc.  A simple share of this post would be great.  Thanks so much. 

How to use the Free Etsy Cover Photo Below: 

  1. Right Click Image
  2. Save to Your Computer and Name It
  3. Add Your Shop Name Overlay by Opening with any  Photo Editor (PicMonkey is free and I love them.)
  4. Save with Changes
  5. Upload to Etsy and your done!

Vintage Old Books

Free to use Etsy Cover Photo!

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