This Old House

Lovely old design painted a million times.

Here are some photos from my home.  My home was built in 1927.  I have a funny story about how I found it.  I made friends Ed when I worked at MCI. I was actually his boss at one point.  We became fast friends. We went to lunch, hung out, hand long talks over shrimp tempura, and hit the thrift stores.
1927 Kitchen modified with some new Ikea furnishings.

I was in the middle of my first divorce. I actually thought he was "crushing on me a bit."  He was nice, handsome, polite, and smart. So when he brought me home to THIS VERY HOUSE to introduce me to his male roomate Patrick, I was thinking I was really getting somewhere.  Was this like a date?
I left the wallpaper as is from Patrick's taste, and found things from curbside Baltimore to furnish the home.

I was shocked that the first words out of Patrick's mouth was joking "So you are the B****TCH that's been hogging up my boyfriend!"   Woopsie!  So this was the start of a beautiful friendship that lasts until this day.  Soon, the show Will and Grace was my life.

Who would throw this away? Their loss was my gain.

I realized the blonde hair dye really was sinking into my brain. I had no idea but this has been a 20 year joke and running.  When I walked into this home about 20 years ago, not only did I quickly fall in love with Patrick and Ed as a couple, but also the home itself. I really wanted to buy it.  A few years later, it was for sale.

More trashy finds.

It was already promised to another person, and it was under contract. For whatever reason, I was meant to have this house. When the settlement was delayed and the financing fell though, and I ended up buying it 13 years ago.  I really didn't change a thing, just a wee bit of paint.

It gets a bit cluttery at times and often looks like an antique shop I used to have.

Funny thing, I had no intentions of living in or around Baltimore City but here I am.  The police helicopter frequents just about every neighborhood in Baltimore City--no one is spared.  Sadly, our City is full of good and cool places to visit, lots of history, but also bullets, gangs, and murders are here.  I'd have to say my neighbors are the best, and we are only a few blocks inside the City limits.
View from the window of my Baltimore "hood".
So why do I stay here in the Big City?  I don't know if you ever felt "comfort and love" when walking into someone's home but that's how I felt the first day I walked in here. That feeling is replicated each and every day I come home.  From my 1927 scary old furnace (sigh, I love my radiator heat) to my 1940's bathroom, I love my vintage home.  We are central to the six states in which my husband works, so here it is we shall stay a bit longer. I don't mind signing the occasional book for strangers that come to my door looking for Ira Mency. Hubby embraces his bbq guru fans who stop by while he's cutting the lawn asking the top secret seasoning recipe signing the occasional magazine copies, but never giving up his key ingredients. I think it's sweet these people somehow went though all the trouble to stalk us successfully. At the end of the day, we are just everyday people, nothing special, living in our very old home.

We are content here.

My husband ironically is a modern man but has somehow adapted to the ways of old. I think he's used to it now, and doesn't want to admit it. After 8 years together, I asked him to remodel my home (my suggestion was to gut it, and put everything old back up again.)  He won't. I think that's because it's either too big of a task, or just the fact he feels the same way about it as I do.  Perhaps it's the comfort and love within these old plaster walls he doesn't want to ruin. ♥

Got this from Tipple and Snack
We all collect something. I find myself wanting to collect a bit of everything. I often get tired of one collection and sell it to make room for another collection. I think my home looks more like an antique store, (c'mon in , it's all for sale folks) than a home.  Well, sometimes.  I think it's funny there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the mini-collections I have.  So, here are a few of my favorite things.

I like things you just don't find everyday. The tacky things no one else likes.
Unusual Relics Live in My Home. Broken things are cherished here.
The very old organ does work, but you really have to get your feet moving.
I love old blocks.

Bought these from Sushipot.

Sometimes I think the chippier and messed up the better. Got this from Carmen and Ginger.

I have this strange thing for this radio from the original "Clash of the Titans Movie"....all it does is get static nowadays.
Let's not forget the Melmac!
So what is it that you collect? I'd love to hear about it or do a blog post about it. I'm always interested in seeing what's in other people's coveted collections. I recently walked into someone's home who had antique farm tools hanging on the wall. I mean heavy old axe's, hammers, and mauls. It was a bit scary as I wondered if any ever fell off the wall, but a cool display none the less. So tell me, What is it?